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Forget the Fiat, park your Peugeot, send your Subaru to the garage and embark on an unforgettable driving experience this weekend. Rent a Tesla of your choice from our range at 3F EV.

Tesla offers the ultimate all-electric package and gives you a glimpse into the future with everything from advanced AI autopilot technology to a fully digital dashboard.

Channel your inner-Elon Musk and drive at the forefront of automotive technology when renting one of our stunning vehicles this weekend.

Get out of your Comfort Zone 

If you’ve never driven an electric vehicle before then this is your chance to sample the latest tech and experience a clean, quiet and seamless road experience.

Renting a Tesla gives you the opportunity to myth-bust everything you thought about electric cars and provide a great way to disrupt your status-quo and drive something completely different. Gone are the days of clunky, awkward design and charging at electric pumps for days on end – the new generation of electric cars are made firmly for the future.

Along with the family-friendly models we have available, Tesla models are accessible and user-friendly for drivers not used to hi-tech car design. The digital dashboards are easy to use for people familiar with using a tablet or smartphone. They’re a smart alternative to your usual car rental.

Drive to the beach, head to your city break or explore the countryside with one of the 5 Tesla models that we have available – find more detail below.

With top of the range user design, you’ll find your Tesla enjoyable to handle and fantastic to drive.

Hire a tesla - 3F EV offer excellent service for all your Tesla Rental needs.

Rent with 3FEV

Rent a Tesla & Sample the Latest Technology

One of the main reasons why people are itching to drive a Tesla is the excitement around the design, technology and range of gadgets involved.

The Tesla brand has gone from strength to strength with car enthusiasts and technology specialists chomping at the bit to see new models, upgrades and features.

Almost all of the Tesla models that we offer have a max speed of 155mph, with our Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous able to go from 0-60mph in a mouth-watering 2.28 seconds – not bad for an electric car, we think you’ll agree.

And perfect for driving along country roads with some music playing…

Standard statistics aside, let’s take a quick look at some of the more unconventional and innovative features of the Tesla models that we offer:

Choose from:

  • Tesla Model S 75/85 – has an on-board charger that’s 48 amperes, Autopilot and an air filter that protects passengers from pollution.
  • Tesla Model S 90D – contains a crystal-clear digital tablet-style touchscreen with 17.0in colour display, Autopilot and 12-speaker premium audio system.
  • Tesla Model X 90D – family-friendly size with Falcon-Wing doors and AI-controlled Autopilot 2.
  • Tesla Model X P100D Ludicrous – includes Falcon Wing doors, 17-inch touchscreen and Ludicrous mode for awesome acceleration.
  • Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous – has a range of 300 miles with a full battery, Ludicrous mode for speed freaks and a smart, saloon appearance.

With the Tesla Model 3 range attracting 275,000 orders in just three days – it’s clear to see that there’s lots of excitement around Tesla and their range is highly sought after. Renting a Tesla for a weekend is a no brainer and you can have a unique driving experience for a fraction of the cost.

An Ideal Gift for Driving Enthusiasts

Whichever Tesla model you choose, they’re a great conversation starter and an instant source of intrigue to car fans everywhere. That’s why we really recommend taking a Tesla for a spin with someone that you want to treat or surprise.

Make your weekend of exploring that little bit more unique, with a state-of-the art Tesla that has people stopping, staring and complimenting. For friends and family that are interested in tech, it’s a fun way to get them enthusiastic about going electric and gives them something to impress their friends with.

Organise a birthday or a stag weekend around your Tesla rental and create a cool, smart and inventive way to travel in style. An electric car is a very sensible but unique choice for a weekend run-around.

Rent a Tesla this Weekend

For more information, detail and advice about the Tesla models we have available and the rental packages we offer, contact our experienced team. Drive away this weekend in something stylish, smart and revolutionary.

3FEV are BVRLA Rental sector registered

3FEV are BVRLA registered – the trade body for the rental and leasing sector.

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