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Car Sharing is the Future

When you drive a Tesla, you’re being environmentally mindful, helping to reduce your carbon footprint and cut emissions. Going electric and using Tesla car sharing to get from A to B is a fantastic way to make an ecological impression without compromising on luxury.

But there are other ways to make your drive even more efficient and ethically conscious. Car sharing is a fantastic way to pool resources and share the environmental burden between drivers.

3FEV Members Club

3FEV Members Club

3Fev’s Tesla Members Club is a car sharing solution that allows members to have on-demand access to our state-of-the-art Tesla models through our rental service and drive at their leisure. We also offer great packages for private and company use.

Let’s take a look at why car sharing is environmentally, socially, and economically beneficial and why you should join our exclusive members club:

Cost Efficient Savings

Owning a car is expensive. Whether it’s the insurance policies, taxes, maintenance costs or parking and garage fees, your expenditure can pile up. Being part of a Tesla Members Club means that you can enjoy the benefits of on-demand access without the costs of owning a car permanently. Our Tesla vehicles have excellent range, which means you can enjoy hassle-free travelling without pricey fuel costs.

The conversations we have regularly with our clients reflect the research that’s shown that most cars spend c.90% of their useful lives parked. Is it worth spending such a large amount income on vehicles that are stationary most of the time?

We think that being able to access our Tesla rental service gives you more flexibility in a modern economy. Our service allows you to sidestep costly car-owning fees.

3FEV Tesla Car Share


But, if you do own a Tesla model, we’re also the first company to allow Tesla owners to add their vehicles to our fleet.

Environmentally Friendly

One of the greatest benefits of car sharing is the environmental impact that sharing can have. The strain we are putting on the environment isn’t sustainable. Car sharing takes some significant steps towards pollution-free, less congested and greener environments.

In fact, recent research shows that car-sharing could even have positive effects on traffic congestion in the future. Estimates show that car sharing could reduce traffic by 15%.

When you combine the concept of car sharing with game-changing electric super cars, you have an even more attractive option for drivers who are interested in environmental sustainability. Our fleet of Tesla models, ranging from Tesla Model S 75/85 to Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous are carbon free and use zero fuel.

It’s a no brainer for travellers or commuters who need a car for significant distances. PLUS the peace of mind that comes with emission-free driving in built-up, polluted areas.

Practical Sense

Car sharing gives you the flexibility to think carefully about when and how you drive. Having a range of Tesla models to choose from, with an on-demand service, gives you instant, discounted access to the cars of tomorrow, today.

It’s not just on an individual basis that you can make an impact either. The Department for Travel Statistics found that that 85% of commuting vehicles have only one person in them. Car sharing can be an efficient management tool for companies. Take more control over employee expenses, parking spaces and put your company at the forefront of sustainable transportation.

You can choose from our corporate packages or we can provide bespoke solutions. Our single booking platform makes it easy to book cars and optimise your travel needs.

Social Benefits

Access a Tesla whenever you need it so that you can plan ahead for some relaxing weekends away with friends and family. Create a seamless, unique drive for you and your passengers as you travel in style from one destination to the next.

Choosing a Tesla to take the family away for the weekend or impress your friends with the market’s latest technology. Combine a smart sophisticated car, with a safe, ethical driving experience. You can even introduce driving companions who are sceptical of electric cars too. With top of the range tech and a highly enjoyable travel experience they are bound to be impressed.

So, instead of keeping an unused car parked up for the weekend, incurring costs while you watch Netflix – being part of our Tesla Members Club means that you’ll only use and spend money on a car exactly when you need it.

Interested in any of our exclusive Tesla Members Club packages for individual use, corporate use or both?  Visit our website and get in touch with our experienced team who’ll talk you through your options.


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