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We attended the Nordic EV Summit in Oslo three weeks ago.

The Nordic Summit started on the 1st of February, and our team arrived the day before, allowing us to settle in to our Air BnB , mine was this one. It was so good to see the real Norwegian way of living and meet my host Mari who was so welcoming and lovely.

Tramline Oslo

We were very impressed with Oslo generally. The system of Public Transport is amazing.

You may ask why we chose flats as opposed to the hotel where the Summit was held? Well, we are keen to explore and experience the Shared economy in every sense possible as we believe it will play a major role in our future. Being parents one of the first things we teach our children is TO SHARE – why not carry on to adulthood 🙂

The Sharing model can be applied to other high value assets and it was with this is mind that 3FEV developed and implemented its car sharing platform. A shift from mass car ownership towards sharing has several benefits including making densely populated cities more efficient and more liveable.

Janea A Scott, California energy commissioner, expressed the same view in her presentation on the 1st day of Nordic Summit. Being the 6th largest economy in the world, California is really struggling with 30 million cars on the road. The Energy Commission has received around $80 million for the transport transformation project as well as $44 millions of private capital. One of the strategies is the car sharing model and associated incentives, including infrastructure improvement to promote the use of EV vehicles.

Nordic EV Summit

Not taking things seriously is a slippery slope.

Ola Elvestuen, Norwegian government Minister of Climate and Environment, pledged to aim to have only EV cars by 2025. Mr Elvestuen also mentioned the possibility of EV planes which was reconfirmed by Dag Falk-Petersen, CEO of Avinor. The following day. Mr Falk-Petersen talked about EV aircraft E-Fan X which is about to make it’s 1st flight. We look forward to seeing more and more EV planes in all 45 airports managed by Avinor.


We learned that in July 2017 France’s environment minister Nicolas Hulot announced France’s 5-year plan to ban petrol and diesel vehicles. Gareth Dunmore, Electric Vehicle Director for Nissan Europe, echoed that target. Mr Dunsmore quoted Henry Ford: “Coming together is the beginning, working together is the SUCCESS!” We believe in it too and are so proud that our country is on board and is going full speed ahead with EV incentives and mobility as a tool to decrease the greenhouse gas emission.

Our MD, Funmi Onamusi was invited to be on the panel and give a presentation on Mobility as a Service(MaaS) which was very exciting. It gave us a platform to speak out about something we believe in. As Einstein said “The only source of knowledge is the expertise” which Funmi has plenty of having started the first Tesla car sharing company in the UK. It was a very interesting session indeed and the highlight video of her panel discussion is here.

The Nordic Summit provided a great opportunity to meet new and old friends.

Nordic EV Summit - 3FEV & SoliscoWe enjoyed spending time with our friends, Parveen and Mark from SOLISCO. Their company builds Solar EV car ports for individuals and businesses and they were the first to introduce us to V2G technology and were among the first in the UK to push the concept forward!!

Dagfinn Ringas, CEO of Schneider Electric Norway covered the V2G idea in his presentation. It was fascinating to hear about “Horizon 2020” project and the opportunity for EV vehicles to be -2 HOMES, -2 BUILDINGs, -2 GRID.

A lot was said about the pressures on the grid in presentations but the conclusion was that the increase in EVs if managed correctly need not have an impact on the Grid but could actually make it more efficient and compliment the transition from fossil fuel generation to renewables.

Meeting so many amazing people and realising that we all share the same ideas was truly inspirational and uplifting. However, it wasn’t just work but lots of fun too!

We experienced some wonderful Norwegian food

We experienced some wonderful Norwegian food from



Nordic EV Summit - Views Some great views …





Some quality Nordic humour

Norwegian Humour- Nordic EV Summit









What’s Next?

We all came back full of ideas and pockets full of business cards. Our thanks to Christina Bu (Sec Gen Norwegian EV Association) for bringing us on board for this important narrative around electric mobility and Thought Global media for the fantastic storytelling with their summit video highlight. 

There is so much to do and the opportunities are everywhere. We feel that EV’s and mobility as a service  is truly the future and the NEXT BIG JUMP!

Nordic EV Ski jump

By Marsha MacRae


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