How to Buy an Electric Car with 3F EV


How to Buy an Electric Car with 3F EV Here at 3F EV, we fully endorse and live by the values that fuel the ethos behind green, electric technology. We’re committed to a 100% Electric and 100% Connected future and that’s why we’ve been nominated for Green Business of the Year once again. We think that it’s our responsibility to … Read More

Car Share – How many people can you fit in your car?!


Own a Tesla

Is car sharing something for you? We believe that our society is on the verge of a huge shift in the way we live and travel. Car ownership has always been considered as one’s of life’s expectations. But things are starting to change and people are beginning to question the need to own a car when they can car share … Read More

How to Rent a Tesla with 3F EV


So, you’re thinking about renting a Tesla to experience the smooth, silent and emission free advantages of the most advanced electric vehicle currently on the market? Or you may want to take a glimpse into the of autonomous or semi-autonomous driving future? Whether you want to try an EV before making a commitment to buy, you or a loved one … Read More