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Is car sharing something for you?

We believe that our society is on the verge of a huge shift in the way we live and travel. Car ownership has always been considered as one’s of life’s expectations. But things are starting to change and people are beginning to question the need to own a car when they can car share if their car is not being used. After all 90% of cars spend 90% of their time parked often clogging our streets.

In the current climate, renting all sorts of things has become the norm for people and buying a car is beginning to seem like a waste of money. Further more a survey by KPMG found that 74% of executives thought more than half of car owners today would not want to own a vehicle in the future. Sharing economy companies like Uber and Airbnb have taken advantage of this change. A McKinsey report predicts 10% of cars sold in 2030 will be a shared vehicle.

MaaS, or Mobility as a Service can transform our society by changing the way people and goods move from place to place over the next few decades.

Car Clubs

More and more car clubs are popping up and car sharing is becoming increasingly main stream in the big cities. With this in mind and on the back of their established and successful electric vehicle only car rental service, 3FEV launched its own car share scheme. Aimed currently at the owners of the game changing Tesla Model S and Model X, 3F EV offer owners a chance to earn extra money whilst their car is not being used. This means 3F EV’s customers can get easy access to the leading autonomous and zero emission electric cars on the market on an “as you need it” basis.

If you are a Tesla owner the process is simple and pain free with 3F EV helping every step of the way.

Come aboard! We have a quick and easy 1-2-3 system

1. Give us a call on 01737 321-767 or fill the form here
2. Sign up to become a car share partner
3. Start earning while being part of the mobility as a service movement.

Here is a basic outline of how it works. 3F EV will be utilising your car on an on-demand basis via our hubs who will manage the fulfilment and customer engagement.

The financial model is pretty simple in that you walk away with 85% of the rental value after insurance and VAT. Our comprehensive insurance is £25/day. For example, a 4 day rental of £800 + VAT would be:

4 Day Rental: £800 + VAT
Less Our fees: £120 (15% of £800)
Less Insurance: £100 ( Our insurance is £25/day)
You earn : £580 ( 85% of £800 – £100 insurance)

It is a great service and an easy way to leverage a much-loved asset making Tesla ownership more affordable for more people.

FAQ about 3FEV Car Share

1. What parts of the country do you cover?
3F EV currently have 5 hubs Bristol, Cheltenham, Reigate, Hinckley & Newport with the
plans to expand both in the UK and abroad.
2. Does my car need to be always available?
Absolutely not. You are in charge of your car’s availability. When we have an opportunity 3F EV will contact check availability first before committing to the rental. It is still your car so you have total control when you make it available to 3F EV.
3. Who processes the booking and the payment?
3F EV will do all the administration and handle the booking process. 3F EV will process the payment and transfer your
fee (minus the daily insurance cost) into your bank account.
4. Who does the handover? What are my responsibilities?
We handle everything. You can do the handover yourself once 3F EV have trained you or you can opt to have 3F EV handle everything. If you wanted 3F EV fulfil you will need to deliver the car to our nearest hub.
5. What about the insurance?
We will put your car under our comprehensive fleet insurance during the rental period.
6. What about damage?
For each rental we take credit card details to cover the excess value of the car. Any damage will be covered out of the excess taken from the hirer. Where the damage exceeds the excess value, our insurance will kick in to the full market value of your car.
7. How many bookings will I get?
We can’t offer any guarantee of earning potential but as fewer and fewer people own cars especially in the cities the demand is already growing. Certain times of the year are very busy and 3FEV gets a lot of repeat business.
8. Do you have a question we have not answered? Drop us a line at and a member of our exceptional team will get back to you!


One of our car share partners Nick had this to say:

“I am glad I decided to join the 3FEV car share scheme! I was recommended by a friend and knew how reputable they are. The process was so quick and easy. All my questions were answered and the process explained. Now my clever Tesla can be enjoyed by someone else and contribute to my holiday fund! I wouldn’t hesitate recommending it to anyone.”

“We have loved Tesla’s from day one and had to work hard to get one of our own. Electric vehicles and sustainable energy are a passion of ours. We rented from 3F EV before we got our own Model S and were delighted with the cars and the service. The 3F EV car share scheme is ideal for us as we can help fund our own Tesla but also get the pleasure of getting other people to experience the joy of electric vehicles and autonomous driving. Sharing is definitely the future and we are thrilled to be a part of it. – James & Kate

Never fear – Share here!

Why don’t you give us a call and we will be delighted to welcome you!


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