How to Buy an Electric Car with 3F EV


How to Buy an Electric Car with 3F EV

Here at 3F EV, we fully endorse and live by the values that fuel the ethos behind green, electric technology. We’re committed to a 100% Electric and 100% Connected future and that’s why we’ve been nominated for Green Business of the Year once again.

We think that it’s our responsibility to make it as easy as possible for drivers to buy electric. Driving an electric vehicle is cost-effective, environmentally sustainable and low maintenance – the reasons to choose other alternatives are shrinking every day.

That’s why our leasing division provides access to finance options for all makes, models of electric vehicles.

There is so much compelling evidence available about electric automotive tech, so why not get ahead of the game, go green and buy your own electric vehicle today?

Let’s look at how you can get your hands on your own electric car:

Choosing Electric

  • Are you an individual who’s looking for their next family car?
  • Perhaps you’re a small business owner, who’d like to reduce your carbon footprint when commuting and working?
  • Or you’re a large fleet customer who’s interested in converting your existing fleet into something more ethically conscious?


Whatever the reason you’re looking to buy, you’ll need an electric vehicle that can get you from A to B with no hassle and a superior driving experience.

Before you financially commit, it’s really important that you review suitable options, so you can choose and buy/lease the ideal electric model to suit your needs.

You can test drive and explore different EV options including: Own a Tesla

  • BMW i3
  • Renault Zoe
  • Nissan Leaf
  • Kia Soul EV
  • Tesla Model S or X

Our experienced team can talk you through the different options for finance, and we can help you choose a model that has the perfect electrical range, cost-saving options and requirements for your specific needs.


Electric cars have been around for a while, but the manufacturing process and tech surrounding the industry has accelerated and rapidly advanced in the last few years.

Gone are the days of having to charge a vehicle in one of the few charging docks in your area for days on end. We find that this is one of the main preconceptions that puts drivers off going green – they don’t feel as if an electric car will fit in with their demanding lifestyle or work schedule.

Thankfully, most electric vehicles have fantastic electrical range and can go for a couple of hundred miles before they need to be charged again.

That’s not to mention the amount of money that you can save by switching your vehicle to an EV.

  • Save thousands of pounds every year by side-stepping the elements of owning a fuel-powered traditional vehicle.
  • We’ll help you to organise suitable finance for your circumstances – whether you’re a private customer, a business or a large fleet customer.
  • If you’re a business that’s looking to convert your fleet to electric vehicles then you can claim back the carbon emissions savings made by going green.
  • When your business uses electric vehicles, it makes a strong, positive statement about your company’s CSR policy.

Get in Touch

If you’ve got an idea of the type of electric car you’d like to buy then fantastic, we’d love to hear from you.

Equally, if you’re not too sure about the best option for you then pick up the phone and give our team a call – we’ll be more than happy to chat through your needs and recommend the ideal car for you.

Start making savings today and reduce your carbon footprint by buying electric. Get in touch with our team by email or phone.

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