Access Tesla Super Cars for your next Work Trip with our Exclusive Members Club



When you enjoy a fast-paced, ever-changing lifestyle, it’s essential that you have the tools to help you tackle a challenging, dynamic schedule. 3F EV’s exclusive Tesla Members Club provides the ideal solution for striking the perfect work/life balance in style.

Our forward-thinking, car-sharing Members Club lets you access your own electric super car, completely on demand and with no hassle.

We’ve made car-sharing simple and straight-forward. ‎And we don’t think car-sharing has to be purely transactional either, our Tesla models use the latest innovative tech and comfortable features to enhance any driving experience.

Take a look at what one of our valued members said:

“It’s an incredible service – like having a garage full of luxury cars, available at my door within a moment’s notice. Since joining, I’ve enjoyed hassle-free trips all over the UK for a fraction of the price”.

Bespoke Service

Whatever your requirements, our team at 3F EV are only an email or call away from arranging a state-of-the art supercar delivered straight to your doorstep.

We pride ourselves on the personal touch and as members, you’re our top priority and we’ll talk you through all of your options and find exactly the right car for your trip.

Dip into our on-demand service whenever you need a vehicle – we’re based across 6 UK hubs, so let us know your requirements and we’ll do the rest.

Whether you’re after an electric vehicle that turns heads like the Tesla Model S 90D or something a little more practical like the 6/7 seater Model X, so you can invite the rest of the team and have plenty of luggage room –  we have a vehicle for every occasion.

Long range and a comfortable driving experience means that work trips have never been so easy.

Cost-effective Options

Owning a car is expensive, especially if you’re based in London or another UK city – the amount a vehicle costs to run, insure and maintain can quickly rack up. Instant, discounted, on-demand service with our Tesla Members Club, for a fraction of the price of car ownership, can make much more financial sense.

If you’re constantly on the go and need to attend events and conferences across the country at short notice, car sharing provides lots of flexibility.

We know how expensive last-minute trips can be for your company or for your pocket at the end of every month. That’s why we’ve made our Tesla Members Club fees as reasonable as possible, meaning that you can side-step costly train journeys and fuel costs.

If your next business trip is a little further afield and you need to travel abroad, then that’s no problem either. You can drive our Tesla models abroad and keep costs and emissions down.

Environmental Impact

Not only can you get from A to B in no time, electric vehicles enable you to make a positive impact on the environment along the way too.

Driving a Tesla to your next event or conference gives you a brilliant conversation starter with fellow attendees and also helps you to create a positive impression of your company. If you’re looking to make a good impression or secure new business, driving an electric vehicle helps to communicate your brand values and ethos in a simple way.

Commuting and travelling regularly for work can steadily increase your carbon footprint over time without realising – having the peace of mind that comes with zero-emission and carbon-free travel makes your work trip guilt-free and enjoyable.

Intelligent Driving

Tesla vehicles continue to push the boundaries and create smart new ways to live, work and drive. The forward-thinking brand has made fantastic steps forward in making electric cars cool again and enthusing a new generation of tech and car lovers.

And what’s more, insufficient range and long charging times are now a thing of the past, with Tesla vehicles able to drive hundreds of miles before needing to be re-charged.

The cars are jam-packed full of new gadgets and smart digital tech for you to play with. Sharing a Tesla from our fleet can improve your travelling experience with a range of user-friendly tools to keep you safe, comfortable and informed.

For more information about our Tesla Members Club, get in touch with our experienced team and we’ll have a chat about your requirements and find the best option for you or your company.

Call us today on 01737 321767 or email us on to organise your next Tesla.

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