How do Teslas Depreciate Compared to Competitors?


It’s natural to expect wear and tear when you buy a car, but consumers often overlook the potential for depreciation. There are many other factors to consider, especially short-term features; buyers can end up neglecting long-term issues. When you think about how important purchasing a car is, it’s essential that you aim to get as much info as possible on … Read More

3FEV’s Premium Service


Here at 3F EV, we provide you with the expertise and experience to recommend the perfect Tesla for your lifestyle and on-demand access to your very own fleet of EV supercars. Our range of Tesla models is ready and waiting to provide you with a superior EV driving experience. Our premium service has our customer firmly in mind and we … Read More

Tesla’s Coolest Features


As if paving the way in electric vehicle design wasn’t cool enough, here at 3F EV we wanted to take a look at some of Tesla’s coolest features, that are well-worth getting in a spin about. EVs are officially all the rage – gone are the days of clunky, unfashionable cars that you wouldn’t want to be seen next to, … Read More

Tesla’s top 5 most common objections and 3FEV’s response


There are lots of misconceptions floating around about EVs – trust us, we’ve heard a lot of them. Here at 3F EV, we think a lot of this is to do with early vehicles that were released and not fit for purpose and didn’t seem to fit into the average person’s lifestyle very well. By being introduced to EVs and … Read More