Members Club

  • Are you fascinated by game changing technology?
  • Do you want to own your own electric super car, on demand?
  • Do you have a medium range electric car and occasionally need a long range electric car?
  • Do you go on a few long distance trips every year and are you excited about the possibility of travelling all those miles, carbon free and with zero fuel cost?

If any of the above applies to you then our exclusive Tesla Members Club is just for you.

Membership in the Club has many advantages, the most obvious being instant, discounted on demand access to the car of the future without the significant upfront cost required to own one.

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Car Share

Car ownership has always been considered as one’s of life’s expectations. But things are starting to change and people are beginning to question the need to own a car when they can access someone else’s when it is not being used.

With this in mind and on the back of our established and successful electric vehicle only car rental service, we launched UK’s first Tesla car share scheme. The service is now aimed at all types of Electric vehicles so we now offer all EV owners a chance to earn extra money whilst their car is not being used.

If you are a EV owner the process is simple and pain free with 3F EV helping every step of the way.

Come aboard! We have a quick and easy 1-2-3 system.

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With research indicating that most cars spend c.90% of their useful lives parked, discussions with many of our clients has confirmed that their cars are no different and despite only driving their cars c.10% of the time they have to think about maintenance cost, insurance fees, taxes, car washing costs, garage space etc.

Our award winning members club offers an on demand time-sharing rental service for private and company use that takes care of all these worries. We are also the first UK company to offer a car share scheme where Tesla owners can add their vehicles to our fleet.

Members Club/Car Share …

Members Club Customers

“I rented from 3F-EV a few times and loved the service, so when they came up with the members club I was already sold. It’s an incredible service – like having a garage full of luxury cars, available at my door within a moments notice. Since joining, I’ve enjoyed hassle-free trips all over the UK for a fraction of the price. I must emphasise that 3F-EV’s service goes above and beyond. That great service combined with highly discounted rates and preferential booking made the Members Club an obvious choice.”
-D Hearn

“I live in London so most of the time I take the available public transport. However, I do need a car on occasions to visit family or for trips outside London. I rented a Tesla from 3F EV and found the service excellent. When they came up with the idea of the Members Club I jumped at it. I like the fact that 3F EV are a zero emission only car rental company as pollution in London is a big issue. The longer range coupled with the comfort and luxury of the Tesla cars as well as home delivery sealed the deal for me. Owning a car is great but car sharing makes a lot of sense.”
-M Carse – Image Data Systems

Car Share Customers

“We have loved Tesla’s from day one and had to work hard to get one of our own. Electric vehicles and sustainable energy are a passion of ours.  We rented from 3F EV before we got our own Model S and were delighted with the cars and the service. The 3F EV car share scheme is ideal for us as we can help fund our own Tesla but also get the pleasure of getting other people to experience the joy of electric vehicles and autonomous driving. Sharing is definitely the future and we are thrilled to be a part of it.” – James & Kate C

“I am glad I decided to join the 3FEV car share scheme! I was recommended by a friend and knew how reputable they are. The process was so quick and easy. All my questions were answered and the process explained.  Now my clever Tesla can be enjoyed by someone else and contribute to my holiday fund! I wouldn’t hesitate recommending it to anyone.”Nick W