What the government’s plug-in grant means for EV owners


There’s some good news for EV owners. The government has introduced a plug-in grant, which means that car dealerships and manufacturers receive grants that they’ll use to reduce the price when you buy a 100% electric or plug-in hybrid car The grant has been commissioned until 2020 with a £100million pledge and the financial assistance being provided to alternatively-fuelled shows … Read More

Tesla – The Worlds Most Innovative Company?


Tesla regularly tops lists as the most innovative company operating in the world right now. At the helm of the company is the charismatic Elon Musk, who’s easily one of the most limit-pushing entrepreneurs today, if not the most exciting. In fact, it’s rumoured that Robert Downey Jnr based his Iron Man role on Elon Musk, as he found that … Read More

The Green Car Revolution


Tesla fleet

The Green Car Revolution In the last 4 years there’s been an astronomical rise in electric car sales in the UK. 2013 saw 3,500 electric cars being registered and numbers have now soared to a whopping 145,000 as recently as April 2018. Industry experts are estimating this number could rise to 200,000 by the end of 2018. What’s this rapid … Read More

Access Tesla Super Cars for your next Work Trip with our Exclusive Members Club



When you enjoy a fast-paced, ever-changing lifestyle, it’s essential that you have the tools to help you tackle a challenging, dynamic schedule. 3F EV’s exclusive Tesla Members Club provides the ideal solution for striking the perfect work/life balance in style. Our forward-thinking, car-sharing Members Club lets you access your own electric super car, completely on demand and with no hassle. … Read More